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Best tattoo removal clinic in Bangalore | No.1 Tattoo Removal Clinic Laser

Contura Clinic, we utilize the most advanced laser available for Painless Tattoo Laser Treatment, Contura is the top Tattoo Removal Clinic in bangalore... Read More

Best Male Breast Surgeon in Bangalore | Male Breast Reduction

Looking for Best Male Breast Surgeon in Bangalore ? Searching for Best Gynecomastia Surgery Clinic in Bangalore, Karnataka with over 2000 surgeries experience? Male breast reduction surgery In Bangalore... Read More

Plastic surgery for Scars on Face in Bangalore | Acne Scar

The Plastic (Cosmetic) Surgeon Dr. Sreekar Harinatha is well known for plastic surgery for Scars on Face in Bangalore, Acne Scar Surgery, Acne scars treatment... Read More

FUE Hair Transplantation | best FUE hair transplant in Bangalore

Contura is one of the leading FUE Hair Transplantation in Bangalore with a expertise team. Dr. Sreekar is a certified hair specialist in India... Read More

Best experienced anesthetist In Bangalore | Anesthesiologist

Dr. Ravi Kumar is an experienced anesthetist with over 17 years in the field. He is also the Anesthesiologist-in-Chief Akash Medical College... Read More

Gynecomastia on Instagram – Gynecomastia Surgery in Bengaluru | Best Male Breast Surgeon in Bangalor

Grade 3 Gynecomastia can be corrected in one session in under 60 mins with skin tightening along with breast tissue removal!... Read More