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power reaper | agriculture equipment

Power reaper is farm machine used to cut and assemble crops when they are ready. It is fuel operated walk behind type reaper with rotating shafts that cut harvests easily.... Read More

HTP Sprayer | perfect house | Agriculture Equipment

HTP Sprayer is an farm sprayer used in high-pressure spraying tasks . They are equipped for generating constant, and free flow of liquid pesticides over plants and trees. These sprayers... Read More

3kva generator price | 3kva generator price in india

Elemax 3kva generators feature among the top choices of people and the lowest 3kva generator price in India. Elemax 3kva generator price in India starts from Rs.101,452.Elemax 3kva generators are... Read More

Perfect 5Kva generators are ideal for any major establishments, given that they can manage high-end electronics like LED televisions, air conditioners etc. They are also well suited for small construction... Read More

Perfect house 10kva generators are used for generating power backups for medium to significant home usage purposes. These Generators can power high-end electronic devices such as microwave ovens, LED televisions,... Read More

Perfect House has been the supplier of 15KVA generators, both Mahindra and Kirloskar for the past 5 decades. Priced lower to other competitors, our generators are ergonomically and aesthetically designed,... Read More

Rooftop Solar Power Plant | Roftop Solar Power Generation

Perfect House takes its vision to become India’s number one provider of eco-friendly & renewable power solutions. In present times, the world has been adopting renewable power at a rapid... Read More