Building Maintenance AMC in Dubai

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services that cover routine maintenance of all building systems and equipment.
Regular inspections of electrical systems and equipment to identify potential issues and prevent breakdowns.
HVAC system maintenance, including cleaning, filter replacements, and scheduled maintenance visits.
Plumbing system maintenance, including checking for leaks, replacing faulty parts, and ensuring proper water flow.
Fire safety equipment maintenance, such as fire extinguisher refills, fire alarm testing, and inspection of emergency exits.
Building exterior maintenance, including painting, facade cleaning, and regular inspections for structural integrity.
Security system maintenance, ensuring surveillance cameras, alarms, and access control systems are in working order.
Elevator maintenance, including regular inspections, lubrication, and repairing any malfunctions.
Regular pest control services to prevent infestations and address any existing issues.
Comprehensive building cleaning services, including common area cleaning, window cleaning, and deep cleaning as required.