bulk email smtp server hosting

Bulk MAIL VPS is outgoing email administration that will permit you to send emails from your email address possibly you have your own product or you don't have your own product. We realize how significant job advertising plays in business and by looking at that we have planned our bulk mail vps administration which assists with beginning sending your campaign in a split second. Send boundless mass emails utilizing your own SMTP mail server. Presently send a large number of emails at the most reduced cost with Powermta.
Premium Plan:
• CPU Core: 16
• RAM: 16 GB
• HDD: 500 GB
• Bandwidth: 5000 GB
• Dedicated IPs: 8
• Mailing Software: Included
• MTA: Exim/Postfix
• Free: rDNS, DKIM, SPF
• Send Emails: 500,000/day
• $399.99/month
http:// www.bulkmailvps.com

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