Funny TikTok videos you may like

So we are starting with this one.

Did the Pandemic hit anyone? Unfortunately, yes. Not to worry, there is a lot to do these days. Try and find a way to make yourself happy. Go ask this dude in this video and he’ll tell you how.

Okay so I am try to imagine what’s going on here. His spouse or girlfriend wakes up with him, probably both have had breakfast together. She sets to work with her laptop, and he? Will sure not be left out too.

“Click-click-click” and “Do do do do do”, both are seriously working now…. hahahaha.

I tried looking up the comment section to see what people are saying about the video.

I like this one: “Typing up the divorce papers”. Is she getting tired of his new work? She is going to be like, “Bro, we have bills to pay.”

Another comment puts what she is doing this way: “Shes actually on “match” looking to replace her broken hubby”…….hahahaha.

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