Location: Nepal

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The need for an international outlook at present is appreciated as a requirement rather than an advantage. It is widely acknowledged that Nepal has a talent pool that far outstrips... Read More

It's not an angry bird, a flappy bird, or a flappy charo; it's an angry charo.Guide the Charo and prevent dharaharas as you fly through the city. Enjoy the game... Read More

Raja has broken the vase, and her mother is angry, threatening to beat the shit out of Raja. Raja is attempting to flee for his life. Guide him as he runs... Read More

In the midst of night, something unusual happens at Swyambhunath Stupa. Evil powers are attempting to capture Swyambhunath, and it is up to you to stop them. To align the... Read More

It is not necessary to introduce The United States of America. It is the world’s oyster if you need to satisfy your fantasies. The nation is home to assorted identities,... Read More

Kalanki's traffic situation is well-known to everyone. The aim of this game is to keep Kalanki's traffic flowing smoothly and prevent any road accidents. Lead the vehicles to the correct... Read More

A never-ending quest to match momos of the same tone. It's not revolutionary, but it's momos, and everybody loves momos. Veggie and chicken momos are available in the game. Momos... Read More

A Nepalese astronaut has built a spaceship capable of flying over houses. You must assist the Astronaut in flying his spaceship over buildings and collecting coins, which he will use... Read More

Musa pasa is hungry and looking through the cupboard for something to eat. Assist him in his quest through the cupboard for foods that are scattered around. Every time you... Read More

A strategy game in which you must use your wits and speed to score points. You have two rotating cubes with multiple colors on them, and your task is to... Read More