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A 54-year-old man is undergoing bowel surgery, for which the volume of fluid replacement is being calculated. Factors affecting volume of fluid to be replaced: Preoperative fluid deficits, insensitive fluid... Read More

Manila Office Furniture Den Corp

Furniture is one of the basic needs of today's lifestyle. It adds more style and comfort to your office area. Manila Office Furniture Den provides affordable and attractive office chairs,... Read More

Accounting Services for Small Businesses

Bookkeeping is an integral part of accounting in business which majorly involves recording day-to-day financial transactions of the company. The accounting function is carried out by a bookkeeper who documents... Read More

Queens Arts and Trends Corporation

The comfort and luxury of office furniture can enhance the value of your property. Queen Arts and Trends Corp store have the latest and updated series of beautiful desks, computer... Read More

HR Outsourcing for small business

The recruitment process is lengthy and requires enormous investment, hiring process can often be months-long. Consider outsourcing your HR and administrative tasks to a professional who has more experience in... Read More

Reaching the unreached in Asia

At FI Asia we offer a missions track training for those who have already graduated from a Bible school or for those who have at least two years of ministry... Read More

UV Gullas Medical College Pune

UV Gullas Medical College Pune registers for the best place to do your MBBS abroad. You can get your best college admission here, the best infrastructure, education here. We create... Read More

Boozy is an online store that provides liquor delivery services in Philippines from your favorite brands at doorstep. So now you can enjoy booze in the comfort of your house... Read More

Shopee is Singaporean multinational technology company that excels in e-commerce and was launched in 2015 in Singapore and gradually expanded to countries like Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the... Read More

It's everybody's vision to be the leader or the best. We strive to be more. We believe that every customer is our best customer, no matter how big or small.... Read More