Mica powder Manufacturers | AMP Pigments

AMP Pigments manufactures varieties of Mica Pearl Pigment and their pearlescent pigments exports in all countries like Italy, Nepal, Algeria, Kenya and more. AMP Pigments has a more unique appearence than any pigment manufacturer in this world; we and our company SP Colour & Chemicals have an accomplice in your imaginative excursion. Our Mica pearl pigments are intended to move and improve your products, giving unequalled quality and brightness.https://spcolour.in/

Silver Flash (5152): Powerful Shimmer For those hoping to add a dynamic and fiery shimmer, Silver Flash (5152) is the pigment of decision. This pigment brings a vivacious, shimmering impact that is ideally suited for various applications. In the automotive business, it adds a striking visualisation to vehicle paints, while in plastics and coatings, it gives an unique look that sticks out. AMP Pigments Silver Flash Mica Pearl Pigments (5152) is used in materials to add a stunning impact and textures. https://spcolour.in/mica-powder/

Sparkling Gold (5144): AMP Pigments Sparkling Gold (5144) uplift products with its extreme shimmer and dazzling gold tone. This mica pigment is used in consideration items or modern applications. Its high reflectivity and variety immaculateness make it ideal for premium packaging materials, extravagance products, and beautifying things. SP Colour & Chemicals Sparkling Gold (5144) is used in the printing business, where it adds a dash of colour and perceivability to printed materials.https://spcolour.in/pearl-pigment-powder-manufacturer/

Bold Red (5970): AMP Pigments’ Bold Red Pearl (5970) is a mica pearlescent pigment that encapsulates enthusiasm and shine. Our Bold Red Pigment is ideal for applications requiring major areas of strength for an eye-getting variety. From car coatings to plastic products, Bold Red Mica Pigment (5970) offers incredible inclusion and variety to products. In the cosmetics business, it is a famous decision for lipsticks, blushes, and nail polish