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If it works, don’t fix it, said an elderly Air Force general who was cranky and battling liver cancer. I remember him closing all the blinds when I would arrive and muttering that he was preparing to do a drug deal for which he had imprisoned several young lads.

CBD Salve showed up. After I created my first batch of CBD Pain Salve 1000mg in the fall of 2014, the Sisterhood was founded in the early months of 2015. After six months, I came to the conclusion that the topical salve was without a doubt the star product.

The 1000mg CBD Salve topical salve intrigues me a lot, especially when it’s used to treat people who are in pain. As a test, we made it available to the public and requested feedback on its applicability.

We would claim that this substance has been taboo for a century. Participate in the large human experiment by reporting on the effects and ineffectiveness of the salve.

People who were in excruciating pain were eager to test our new CBD ointment to ease their pain.

Why Apply A CBD Pain Cream?
My mother warned me when she woke up in the morning that if she didn’t use our 1000mg CBD Salve on her knees, by noon she would need a walker to get about. If she recalled, she didn’t require a walker the entire day.

People Enjoy Sisters’ CBD Balm.

Despite a few customers complaining that it had no impact on their symptoms, our 1000mg CBD Salve topical salve has never earned a bad review.