Power of Integrating ERP with MarTech

Tech marketing, or MarTech, technology and marketing basically working hand in hand still disrupted the regular marketing techniques till date. MarTech tools from Google AdWords to MailChimp have unlocked the marketing process hence increasing the efficacy and efficiency of the campaigns. The generation of its own data together with the utilization of data from other sources causes the connection of ERP System with MarTech as a suitable and essential business approach for the companies that are willing to enhance their performances and grow.

Now, in this article, let us have a glance at the reasons which can help you understand why you should integrate ERP and MarTech.

1. Put the Specificity back into ERP
Integrating MarTech with ERP enables companies to have precise digital tools to solve some of the marketing issues that conventional ERP has not frequently covered in an ideal manner. However, ERP systems can be considered a reliable environment that ensures the functioning of the key activities: Produce specialized specific marketing information requirements that are not available in other functional areas such as the finance, HR, and supply management but they do not offer the special features required for the modern marketing environment. Some of the framework business tools that can be used include the Salesforce for leads management and Optimizely for A/B testing can be used to enhance the functionality of the ERP system and spur the entire company’s decision making through the power of analytics.

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Integrating ERP with MarTech for Enhanced Marketing Strategies

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