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If there has been water damage, a leaky roof, or broken plumbing, there may be mold in the house. Hire efficient Residential mold inspection and testing services in San Francisco, Ca. Bay Area Mold Pros offers Residential and commercial Mold Testing for, inspection &; detection Services. Bayareamoldpros one of the most thorough and advanced mold inspection company in the San Francisco. In addition to performing a comprehensive visual inspection of your Residential property, Bayareamoldpros use thermal imaging as well as other sensitive mold detection techniques. We carry out Mold spore tests such as indoor air quality testing & house surface sampling, professional Mold testing to identify the causes of Molds and solutions to remove them permanently. We gather samples and test them using advanced modern methods in certified labs. We are a fully licensed, insured and Certified Mold Inspection Services company. We have more than a decade of experience in our field. Call us at (650) 762-6228 now to schedule your residential mold inspection and testing appointment! To get a free quote on a mold inspection and testing today visit