The Offensive Defense – Know About Ethical Hacking & How Uber Is The Latest Victim To Hacking

Hacking that is ethical involves an authorized effort to gain unauthorised access to an application, computer system or information. Conducting an ethical hack involves duplicate methods and actions used by malicious attackers. This helps identify security weaknesses that can be fixed before malicious attackers have the chance to exploit them.

Uber: December 2022

Uber had announced, on the 12th of December 12, 2022, that hackers using an assumed name “Uber Leaks” gained access to more than 70,000 Uber employees’ data and was also posting stolen corporate information. They believe that this breach was the result of the third-party vendor Teqtivity (a technology company that manages assets) who was able to get the management of their smartphones system compromised.

This incident was not connected to a data breach that they experienced in 2022, when they realized they were targeted in mid-September when the hacker posted on the company’s Slack group “I am a hacker and Uber has suffered a data breach” which was followed by numerous Emojis. The company was forced to close its internal messaging service as well as engineering systems to determine the cause of the issue.

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