Transportation In Costa Rica | Costa Rica Shuttle – MyPinkBus

"Costa Rica is truly one of the best destinations to travel to.

From its dense jungles to its amazing beaches, this Central American gem is a traveler’s paradise and you want to enjoy every moment you are traveling in it.

You want to use the best shuttle company in Costa Rica and that is by far MyPinkBus.

They have the best shared rides and I will tell you exactly what makes them the best shuttle company in Costa Rica.

Unlike other services that cancel trips with low bookings, MyPinkBus travels even when there’s only one passenger booked. That means, that as a traveller, you don’t have to worry about last-minute cancellations that can mess up your travel plans.

My whole experience of traveling with MyPinkBus was outstanding and one of a kind. I get to the airport in the middle of this tropical paradise and their dispatch has already contacted me to let me know my exact pick-up time and other live updates regarding our ride."