What are you going to learn in the online Quran Tajweed classes?

With our online quran tajweed classes, you have the opportunity to embark on a rewarding journey of mastering the Quranic recitation. You will learn:

Foundational Tajweed Rules From that, we will build the foundation in sharing the rules of Tajweed, beginning with Makharij al-Huruf and where each Arabic letter originates from, Madd on the elongation of the vowels, and Nun Waqaf on rules regarding stopping at the end of a word.

Tajweed: As you go up, more subtle Tajweed techniques come into play. The other ones are ghunnah (nasalization), qalqalah (heavy pronunciation), and tahqiq (constraining a letter).

Realistic Experience in Reading the Qur’an: Our online Quran Tajweed classes ensure ample opportunities to practice and recite the Qur’an with appropriate Tajweed. You will receive personalized feedback from your instructor on how to improve your pronunciation and fluency.

Creating a Beautiful Recitation: Tajweed is beyond its rules. We will guide you on how to develop the beauty and melody of reading the Qur’an so that one can better relate to it.