What is a beginner taught in our Quran class for beginners?

In our Quran class for beginners, we build the basics on which you can learn to read, recite, and understand the القرآن (Quran) confidently. Here is a breakdown of what you will learn:

The Arabic Alphabet and Pronunciation: The Arabic Alphabet consists of 28 letters and begins from the right with Alef (ا). We will first learn the Arabic letters (حروف – huruf) and how to pronounce them. This will include the unique sounds that do not occur in English and the diacritics (markings) that are used to indicate.
Reading Arabic Words and Sentences: After you learn the alphabet, we join letters to make words and sentences. We should know how the letters join up and also how these markings we spoke of before affect the pronunciation when added to them.
The Tajweed rules: It is a set of observations concerning the rules one should observe when reciting the Quran with beauty and accuracy.
We shall slowly introduce you to the concepts of Tajweed: the correct pronunciation of each letter and its variations, the lengthening and shortening of the vowels, stopping and starting places, and so on.
Basic Quranic Vocabulary: As you progress in your reading, you will come across some common vocabulary of the Qur’an. This will additionally facilitate you in understanding the context of the verses you are reciting.