What is IQ Test, How to Take IQ Test Online? IQ Test for Kids – Brainwonders

IQ Test is a test which helps one to ases and set intellectual benchmarks. IQ tests are a standardised psychometric test to measure ‘Intelligence Quotient’ (IQ) which is a psychological indicator of one’s relative mental and cognitive abilities as per their age.

Simply put,the IQ test put very simply is a measure of human intelligence. There are certain questions that need to be answered in a stipulated time to obtain the score that is then compared to the norms established for that age. The IQ of the person is very important to understand their general competence.

It also highlights one’s ability to learn and behave adaptively. The students and even adults have used the IQ test to estimate their cognitive abilities. The decades and extensive research have made it one of the most reliable career and psychometric tests and is often used by everyone to assess one’s common intelligence.

Brainwonders IQ test is scientifically created and time-tested by Olov Bergman who is an esteemed member of MENSA. MENSA is the oldest and largest high IQ association and this adds credibility to Brainwonders' IQ test for understanding people of all backgrounds.

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