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Globalization and Glamorous world has increased the Dermatology industry in many folds across the world. Derma & Skincare market has a huge market in India because everyone is serious about... Read More

DBA intermediates of Lumefantrine

DBA intermediates of Lumefantrine are a blood schizonticide active against erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium falciparum. It is thought that administration of 2,7-Dichloro-alpha-[(dibutyl amino)methyl]-9H-fluorene-4-methanol with artemether results in cooperating antimalarial clearing... Read More

The compound that lower the surface tension between two phases, like between two liquids, a gas and a liquid, or a liquid and a solid are called surface-active agent or... Read More

An emulsifier is an additive which helps two liquids mix. For example, equal amounts of water and oil when poured in a glass tend to separate after some time, but... Read More

All You Need To know About Hayat Kimya Holding B.V

The Greenline Group members' experience spans industrial chemical distribution, spray drying, blending, and production. To create enduring partnerships, our staff works closely with customers. In 2009, Greenline Production joined the... Read More

India’s chemical sector is a key component of the Indian economy, accounting for 7% of the country’s GDP. The relevance of several sectors has been highlighted in recent years due... Read More

The pharmaceutical industry is positively regulated, with numerous regulatory mechanisms overseeing different parts of drug development, manufacturing, and trade. Pharmaceutical companies must have comprehensive monitoring programs to ensure compliance with... Read More

Getting medicine to market means guiding a maze of clinical trials and federal rules. The Pharmaceutical Industry is home to some of the multiple far-reaching provisions for market research within a current... Read More

We are a team of experts and professionals who work diligently to take the business to newer heights year-on-year. We provide the best quality of chemical products to our clients,... Read More

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