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Chlorpheniramine maleate tablets are a versatile solution for relief from both allergy and cold symptoms. By blocking histamine receptors, these tablets reduce sneezing, runny nose, and itchy or watery eyes,... Read More

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SP Colour & Chemicals: Premium Luminous Pigments Manufacturers in India

Welcome to SP Colour & Chemicals, where we have been at the pearl and pigment manufacturing in India for over 26 years. Today, we are introducing our latest Creation: Premium... Read More

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Silk Dhoti Kurta Set Salem | Wedding Pattu Veshti Sattai for Men

In Salem, Paramparaadhotis offers an exquisite collection of silk dhoti kurta sets, perfect for weddings and special occasions. Their range includes traditional wedding pattu veshti sattai for men, crafted with... Read More

Iron Pyrite Manufacturers in North India

Exporter of Iron Pyrite - Iron Pyrite Powder, Iron Pyrite Lumps, Ferro Sulphur 48% and Iron Sulphide Sticks offered by JS Technochem Pvt. Ltd. The mineral pyrite, also known as... Read More

AMP Pigments: Revolutionizing the World of Mica Pearl Pigments

Mica pearl pigments are manufactured and exported all around the world by AMP Pigments, a leading brand in this pigment industry. These pigments are used in a variety of industries,... Read More

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