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TINHO developed latest laser technology in the world, and designed THU series UV fly laser printer is one latest application on plastic based on well marketing experience, designed the printer... Read More

Biological reagent temperature monitoring solution

Temperature monitoring during biomedical low-temperature transportation and storage is widely used in drugs, hospitals, pharmacies, CDCs, testing centers, and biopharmaceutical companies to ensure the safety and effectiveness of biological samples,... Read More

Meat Temperature Data Logger Models

The components of cold chain logistics for meat products are divided into four aspects: cold environment processing, cold environment storage, cold environment transportation and distribution, and cold environment sales. Every... Read More

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Some cosmetics or skin care products must be refrigerated during transportation or storage because they are more sensitive to temperature, and higher temperatures will affect their quality and safety. During... Read More

Due to the particularity of vaccines, vaccines need to be kept in a constant and suitable temperature environment during transportation and storage, and different vaccines require different environmental temperatures. Therefore,... Read More

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Blueberries are relatively fragile during storage and transportation and are easily affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, affecting their quality and taste. Therefore, the transportation and storage... Read More

Cold chain transportation means that temperature-sensitive products are always kept in a specified low-temperature environment during production, storage, transportation, sales, and pre-consumption, so as to ensure the quality of items... Read More