Resolving the Blockchain Paradox in Transportation & Logistics

The transport and logistics industry in Italy is trying to integrate its operations with blockchain technology. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) believes that in order to achieve this, it is very important for all actors in the industry to collaborate in the formation of the system that will bring confidence and mutual benefits on the entire value chain.

The study “Resolving the Blockchain Paradox in Transportation & Logistics” was conducted based on a survey of 100 giant firms which are involved in transport and logistics, and indicates that 88% of the total sample is persuaded distributed ledger technology will create breaks in the industry.

For 6/10 these changes are intended to occur over a period of 2 – 5 years, 74% believe they only lightly study the potential of DLT technology or they have no knowledge about it at all. 60% is lacking coordination amongst the players in the industry and the lack of a cooperative ecosystem in Italy is the greatest serious hindrance to the adoption of this nascent technology.